Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hamell On Trial

Ever since Ed Hamell, a.k.a. Hamell On Trial, found his voice on his major-label debut, Big As Life (out of print by the way) he has produced some of the most uncompromising, creative, funny, moving, rockin' music anywhere. So why am I still buying his records from Hamell's suitcase after the show? This guy should be huge by now.

I guess American pop culture just isn't ready for a sweaty pasty bald man who plays an acoustic 30's Gibson small body guitar like a Mack Truck and blends top-notch songwriting with a powerful spoken word assault. Silly me.

Just a few years ago, Ed Hamell survived near death after crashing his VW on the PA turnpike driving through the night with nobody by his side but his old guitar, just to bring his music to you. So do your part. Buy all his in-print albums on Righteous Babe. Then go knock on the door of Mercury records and demand that they release the rights to Ed's other albums so you can buy those. And if Hamell on Trial comes to your town, get your butt to the show.

Visit http://www.hamellontrial.comfor more info and live dates.

Here are some bootlegs Mr. Hamell has kindly made available on his site. They but scratch the surface of his brilliance...

It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (.mp3)
Piccolo Joe - Spoken Word (.WMA)
In a Bar
First Date

And please visit http://www.hamellontrial.com/music.htm for Hamell's own generous offerings.


Anonymous billy budapest said...

Love to see Hamell getting some love!

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Clonko said...

Hamell is quite good, Mr. Formica is a HUGE talent himself - when the FUCK are you going to update your blog? Millions are missing out on your new adventures in working with the rocking Episcopalians on South Street, and should not be deprived of the hijinx only you can provide! Remember, your drives about town carrying doors in the car forcing you to take a position which requires your forehead to be against the top of the windshield are sheer comedic brilliance, or at least mildly amusing.

1:59 PM  

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