Wednesday, November 09, 2005

When murder is out of the question...

So I haven't gotten around to posting for a few days - I have some fun stuff planned: obscure classic soul, new wave, and overlooked new from Graham Lindsey (NOT the Republican senator Lindsey Graham) that'll knock your socks off.

But at the moment, I'm feeling a little cranky and nothing helps more than listening to The Murder City Devils.

I saw them at an R5 show at First Unitarian and they were so good I forgot I was smashed into that hot july basement with a bunch of smelly punks (plus the Devils insisted on burning about 20 candles, which didn't much help.

Anyway, I only have their stuff on vinyl and I haven't gotten around to setting myself up to rip my records, but happily enough Sub Pop has a song posted that does the trick quite nicely. First Unitarian is just a few blocks away from The Mutter Museum, that much storied collection of 19th Century medical oddities (world's largest colon, mummified corpse, etc) which inspired the song below.


Murder City Devils - Midnight Service at the Mutter Museum


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