Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Moviola - At least one good thing from Ohio

I don't know too much about this band other than their album just keeps playing and I don't get sick of it. Here's a blurb from their press kit: Columbus, Ohio’s Moviola have been together for ten years, on and off, living, working, and rarely straying from their homes in the Midwest flatlands. They’ve made six records and countless singles by themselves in coal storage rooms, converted cement factories and elsewhere, which music-heads from Amarillo to Amsterdam—folks who can simultaneously dig Kristofferson, the Louvin Brothers, and, say, Spacemen 3—hold close like a secret.
Live appearances, few and far between. Eleven kids between them. Split singles with everyone from The Handsome Family to Cobra Verde. And vive la difference: in this band everyone writes, everyone takes a turn singing lead. It’s a five-headed beast, the result of which is a well-deep collective of dusty country-through-a-space-echo, folk-soul, and adult lullabies.

Here's one nice track. Kew Garden Hills

More info and more mp3's can be found at and where you can also buy their records. Please do - they deserve it!


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